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Making a page for feedback. Please be honest with your experience and product. 

Please state Name of Product, Series, Time from when I shipped, Time Arrived, Location (Country)

All items are shipped from the USA
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More doujin~

Private order this time due to lacking funds and that Tsuda Mikiyo put out a fricken. Makes me happy I have doujin from two of my favourite artists~ THe Yun Kouga should be here rather soon. Mayutan will put out another one which I am picking up. Yun Kouga's are harder to pick up
TB HugTight


I really hate all the work involved some days. I'm tempted to order the authentic version of Barnaby's jacket from HLJ because it's closer to the realone than the one from China i might get.... but the one from Japan is like $300 versus the $80 I would pay.....

Good news, the black ring came in!